‘To create one-of-a-kind, high quality pieces using eco-friendly fabrics and processes, for people who are seeking unique pieces, as timeless additions to their wardrobe.’


Founded by Kim Bailey on the Gold Coast, Queensland, East of Grey is the platform Kim uses to create garments that display an individual style so as to appeal to niche markets globally.

Every step of the design process is developed and carried out by Kim in her studio on the Gold Coast.  Each piece is lovingly handmade, right down to the original pattern and shape of the garment.  Kim prides herself on high quality workmanship and pattern making to ensure a well-fitted garment is produced each and every time, designing with body types in mind rather than seasonal trends.  Due to the exclusivity of the fabrics used, each piece is one-of-a-kind or part of a small batch ensuring unique garments for every person.  Inspiration is drawn from all aspects of life and Kim focuses on ethical practices to ensure quality and an innovative garment is produced.

Each range features unusual fabrics, trims, vintage buttons, and bright clashing colours – high quality and timeless style are always at the heart of each design.  Every garment has a personality and Kim is often at the mercy of the fabric – it’s personality instructs what is to be done with it, not the other way around.

Kim also dabbles in creating home wares for your comfort zone.  From cushions to rugs, each piece is designed and handmade to create a comfort like no other, a space to relax and be your own wonderful self.  Eco-friendly practices are at the heart of the home collection and Kim utilises vintage fabrics, pre-loved items and eco-friendly aspects to ensure your purchases support positive outcomes for the environment.

Kim is so passionate about the fashion industry and it’s effects on society and the environment she has developed sewing and textile workshops to encourage individuals to live a slower-paced, more handmade existence.  Encouraging people to create and lower their purchases from mass market fashion labels, and return to a life of exploration and experimentation with sewing and crafting hobbies is a side of the business Kim loves.  “Making your own clothing and things for your home creates a pulse, a heart, a different language than pieces purchased in department or chain stores.  Each time you look at your handmade goodies, they tell a story, an individual rendition of that time sitting at the sewing machine, trawling the latest ‘Peppermint’, ‘Frankie’ or ‘Vogue’ magazine for inspiration, deciding what button will give it the finishing touch.  It is a different story each time, with every piece, which cannot be repeated, only changed.” Kim hopes the sewing classes will empower people and change their purchasing habits to lower the fashion industry’s effects on society and the environment.

Going against the grain, Kim is blazing her own trail in the industry and hopes you will join her in the search for meaning in the things we buy, wear and make.