School Workshops

The School Workshops cover topics based around sustainability within the Fashion Industry.

These topics include:

  • Design & Sustainability in the Fashion Industry
  • Illustrating in the Fashion Industry.
  • Up-styling/up-cycling.
  • Embellishment Techniques.
  • Body Types and Colours.
  • Manufacturing & Technical Skills in the Fashion Industry
  • Marketing & Public Relations in the Fashion Industry
  • Business Planning for a Fashion Related Business.

Design & Sustainability in the Fashion Industry covers the aspects of the design process, inspiration and mood boards, trend research, fashion drawing – fashion figures, illustration and technical drawings.

Illustrating in the Fashion Industry demonstrates how to draw garments on the body and rendering techniques using an assortment of media.  Media includes Copic Pens, Watercolour Paint, Pencil, Guache, Crayon, Pastels and many more.

Up-styling/Up-cycling covers the aspects of altering old garments into new, trend based garments.

Embellishment Techniques covers many aspects of embellishment, from weaving your own fabric to printing and embroidery.

Body Types and Colours determines each students’ different body type and colours to ensure they purchase or make garments which suit their individual needs.  This is a great workshop to encourage self esteem and sustainable consumerism.

Manufacturing & Technical Skills in the Fashion Industry covers types and parts of the sewing machine, types and parts of the fabric, pattern development and production, sewing tips and techniques and garment labelling.

Marketing & Public Relations in the Fashion Industry covers marketing tools – lookbooks & portfolios, packaging & transport, costing and public relations.

Business Planning for a Fashion Related Business will explain what is a business plan and also how to write a business plan for your business.


All workshops focus on sustainable products and processes, to gear the future generations of the Australian Fashion Industry.  Any of the workshops can be tweaked to cater to your particular assessment and needs.  Timeframes vary depending on the chosen workshop but usually run from 90 minutes to 5 hours.  It is a great way for schools to add something exciting and interesting to the Fashion and Textiles curriculum, to help inspire and encourage students to pursue a career in fashion or simply introduce them to sustainable living and choices.


3 thoughts on “School Workshops

  1. Hi
    This is awesome would be interested in booking you for a school incursion next year in term 1 and 2.Let me know how your schedule is.

    1. Hi Carolyn
      I have tried emailing you but the email keeps bouncing back. The costs are $180 per hour. I will give the school a call and try to contact you that way. Thanks for your message, Kim.

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