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WHAT’S ON?  The ‘Sew Your Own Way’ Group Sewing Workshop on Wednesdays are a great way to connect with like minded people, share ideas and finish those projects you have put aside.  It’s also a great chance to start a new project that you may need help with.  The workshop runs from 9.30am – 11.30am at Runaway Bay, the cost is $55 and tea/coffee is provided.  For booking and location details email or message on Facebook or Instagram.

If you have any other ideas for sewing workshops please contact me as I would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks, Kim x

Ally wears the Magnolia Dress

Click here to check out more sewing workshops so you can learn to

sew and create clothing that fits you, or make your family and friends some special and unique gifts, the possibilities are endless! Choose from the workshops already developed or customise your own…..have you ever thought to have a sewing party?  Fun: guaranteed!






East of Grey is dedicated to using fair trade and ethical products and processes to create timeless pieces that can be worn and loved season after season, generation after generation.  

A repair service is offered to encourage you to hold onto your loved east of grey pieces rather than send them to landfill.

east of grey recycles all fabric waste and aims to encourage you to recycle your unwanted pieces by sending them back to the studio to then receive a discount off future purchases.

Offering Sewing Workshops is one of the ways east of grey encourages you to become more emotionally involved in your clothing and purchases.  When you know the time and effort that goes into making your favourite dress or top, you hold it a little closer to your heart.

east of grey is continually taking small and steady steps to create a more sustainable business. Check back regularly for updates or swing us an email with suggestions on how to be more sustainable.




One thought on “Sustainability Policy

  1. Hi Kim
    My name is Lydia Njombo and I am currently teaching Fashion at St Peter Claver College in Ipswich. I talking to Catherine Stakeland and she mentioned about you going to her school and running workshops with her junior classes. I am in the middle of writing the new Fashion ATAR programme for 2019 for year 11 and I was wondering if you will be available to come and do a similar workshop with my year 11 class. Their first unit is on investigating the ever changing aesthetic of Fashion Designers Collections. And they also have to pick a Fashion Designer or Fashion House to research on. Hence why I am interested in you coming as you are a local designer and are doing very well.

    Please let me know if your schedule will allow you to come sometime between mid February or early March it would be great.
    Kindest Regards

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